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Frequently Asked Questions

Trade/Barter customers please use UPS trade shipping.  


A. Register as shopper, include business name and Trade#.  Shipping is in cash, and the credit card you enter will only be charged for shipping.

How do I receive discounts?

A. Just sign up and mention where you heard about us.  The checkout form will ask for your coupon code.

 Can I use a coupon with any other discount?

A. Yes, up to 50% off total order with valid coupon code. 1 time only per customer, cash customers only please.

Is this website secure?

A. Yes when checking out, HTTPS will be displayed in your browser. S stands for secure.



We are a third party distributor.  We don't stock the merchandise and therefore have to pay our distributors the required amount of  25% shipping charges.  We are charging 18% shipping and absorbing the 7% difference. Occasionally you may see specials with shipping included or a discount on shipping when offered to us.  Which we email to all shoppers that are registered .

A Treasure For All
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High quality gifts brought to you from around the globe all at discount prices. Thousands of gifts, collectables and jewelry available through online shopping and catalogs. Enjoy safe, secure online shopping with A Treasure For All and hopefully you will find your treasure. New arrivals, high quality gift ideas, angels, African American art, water fountains, photo frames, candleholders, trinket boxes, miniature lighthouses, swords, animal fiqurines, gorillas, birdhouses, wind chimes and much more. Discounts on gifts, collectables and jewelry for birthdays, kids, Fathers Day, weddings, graduations, wedding anniversary, housewarmings, holidays and other specialoccasions.Bookmark Us now.

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